WD TV Media Player. WDBGXT vs WDBPUF what's the difference?


I’ve had a WDBGXT since 2011, pretty much at it’s launch in the UK . I’m happy with it other than I have to power cycle it nearly every time I use it. It takes over 4 mins to boot until it’s sorted itself out.

Western Digital indicates that the WDBPUF is a newer version and with ‘newer and faster firmware’.

If the WDBPUF (available from Amazon) is more responsive and would solve my problem I’d upgrade.

Anyone know what the difference in the models are?


I only watch films, I don’t use any of the apps.
The WD TV is connected by ethernet cable to my home network.
I have a WD My Passport 2TB HDD connected to the rear USB port.
I’ve about 700 films on the HDD.

Apart from the advertised differences in performance and features, the newer unit does not support Netflix.

“Apart from the advertised differences in performance and features”

Can you point me at that info.

Many thanks.

The only “difference” between the 2 … is the newer model is missing Netflix

The 2 devices are identical hardware

from the wdtv wiki …
"WD TV Media Player (WD TV 2nd Gen) Released in July 2014
(NTSC model number WDBYMN0000NBK, PAL model number WDBPUF0000NBK).
Identical hardware to the WDTV Live Streaming but missing Netflix"

this “newer and faster firmware” sounds like a marketing spiel … sure, the newer model is running newer firmware … but

i own the 2014 WDTV and a friend has an SMP … comparing the two (on latest firmwares), i can’t see any speed difference

Personally, i’m not having problems with my wdtv … but other people are (so it’s the luck of the draw)


My WDTV was much more reliable some time ago. I not sure if it was the last firmware update when the lockups became as frequent, maybe the box becomes unstable when a large amount of films are present. I guess I’ll do some experiments.