WD TV Live Plus sees files on OS X 10.5 machine, but doesn't play them

Hi.  I have a G5 dual 2.0 Ghz Power Mac running 10.5.8 hooked to my network.  I put files in the public share folder on it, then connect via the TV Live device.  It shows the files but when I select one to play it starts by showing the file name info  just like it does on my Windows Box, but the video never starts playing.  I’ve got a Windows 7 machine on the same network and I have no playback problems coming from that.   I’ve tried it both wired at 100 Mb and wirelessly on a Wireless G connection.  My Win7 machine has no problems with HD MKV’s on its Wireless N adaptor.

Thanks for any help.

Have you checked if you can access the pictures or music files from the Mac? You can also try creating another shared folder.