WD TV Live Plus HD Freeze

When I first got my WD TV about a week ago it worked great. Now when I try to play movies off my 1.5TB (WD Caviar Green/ Rocketfish external enclosure) it just sits a a blank screen when I try and play them. Even if I wait for them to load in the small screen in the menu they will play in it but once I hit enter/play to go to full screen it just sits blank and the remote is useless. I don’t think this is a codec issue because it used to play (last week) but no longer plays now. I am starting to get very frustrated. I want this to be a great product but I am starting to hate it. Any suggestions to what is going on?

Have you tried a reset?  

I restored to factory defaults. Is that the same as pressing the button?

I just reset it using the button and it didn’t have an effect. The videos still freeze.