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Hi All

I bought a 3rd gen WD TV Live player 2 days ago and file streaming through any content source is flawless. I am using My Cloud 3tb NAS and have enabled media library, added a network share to my media library (not DLNA since external subtitles were not working for me) and set the the WD TV Live to download meta data once a day when in standby only. Here are my questions. 

  1. How do I create a My Media Library shortcut to the home page? Is it an automatic process or is it possible at all? Since I did not find it on the home page, I went to step 2.

  2. Remember that I have already added my network share to the media library and have also enabled the media manager for network shares. I went to services --> all apps --> videos --> NAS folers --> movies and created a shortcut on the home page. Here’s where it gets interesting. i was again not able to see srt subtitles while streaming. I next created another shortcut of the movies folder but this time using the “files” app under all apps. The subtitles now work. is there an explnantion for this behavior?

  3. Using these shortcuts on the home page, what is the kind of metadata I should be seeing coz I am not seeing anything?

  4. When I add a shortcut of my NAS photo folder using the same process as above, I see that thumbnails have been generated but there are no folder names. Is it because my library is still scanning and it is yet to scan some photos and movie folders?

  5. In using the media library as content source, I should not be having problems seeing srt subtitles right? (Again, my network share has been added to the media library).

  6. My requirement is this: I want a single gateway on the home page (like a my media library icon) that then displays folders like Movies, Home Videos, Photos and Music with appropriate metadata. Is this possible or is my earlier approach of putting folder shortcuts such as movies, home videos, photos etc on the home page better? i am okay with multiple shortcuts as long as the metadata is present and external subtitles work while streaming movies from the NAS.

Apologies for the fairly lengthy post and I hope i get some answers,

Thanks in advance


Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

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