WD TV Live HD Media Player - United Kingdom - No Netflix


Ever since I have had my WD TV Live HD Media Player I have been unable to see Netflix.

I have tried ALL previous firmware versions, as instructed here - 


but this has been uncessful on every account, and i have yet to see any trace of Netflix on my box.

I have tried a factory reset, and i even called the help desk  for support, which in turn emailed those useless instructions above.

Just to clairfy, my box was bougfht via Amazon UK, and is being used in the UK with (FWIW) a connection via Virgin Media broadband.

Anyone had a similar issue?

I am quikcly running out of patience with this, and if i can’t get Neflix setup and working on it soon then i will be returning the device and looking elsewhere for a product that works.

I can provide a case reference number for my help desk call if needed. 

Please help!



I think you bought the wrong product.

The WDTV Live HD (2009 model) doesn’t have NetFlix.  That product doesn’t support it.

IIRC, the only WD player that does NetFlix in the UK is the WDTV Live Streaming Media Player (2011 model.)