Got netflix UK working but no iPlayer on 1.08.17

Hi guys

I’ve managed to get Netflix UK working happily on my WDTV Live streming box, but all the services showing up seem to be US (HULU Plus, MLBTV etc) 

Netflix quite happily loads UK content, but I don’t see iPlayer working.

The first time I used the box was on a business trip to the US, which was fantastic, but all I was doing was streaming content from a USB drive or from my laptop.  I was under the impression that the WDTV used geoloction to prevent you from seeing content that you weren’t licensed for, and assumed that it would work both ways (and allow me to pick up new services when I change locations)

Is there any way to fix this?


Services will not be added unless the player gets an update to support the app

Hello scottyman, 

You are seeing US services becuase you set up your device in the US. The geo filtering feature allows the device to show services that are available in your country.

To resolve this issue please reset your device to factory default while connected to the internet. The device will get your new location and show UK services. 

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Thanks Kathy

Much appreciated - will give that a shot now (as I sit in an awful hotel room in middle england) 

Works a treat thank you!

Got iPlayer working so can have my fill of some decent programming :wink:

Many thanks


Just don’t choose any programmes which have a surprise ending - because you won’t see the denouement!  

I refer to the broken iplayer app used by WD!!!