WD TV Live HD media player keeps crashing when trying to play a recent *.mvk movie

I am new to this community and I would like some help with the following issue please?

I have a WD TV LiveHD media player with the following details:

Firmware version     1.06.43_V

P/N                              WDAAP0000NBK-00

S/N                              [Deleted]

I use this device as a standalone media player; connected to an WD external HD via USB cable and connected to a Sony TV with a HDMI cable.

Recently I have downloaded some new movies (.mkv extension). When I navigate to the folder and select the file to play; it tries to play it, displays information of the length of the movie in hours, minutes and seconds and simultaneously crashes. It does reboot again after couple of minutes; however any additional attempt will result in the same outcome. Device has no problems with the old files (i.e. movies from 2014).

I have performed a hard reset, deleted the .wdtv folder, etc. with no luck…

Thank you all in advance.


Don’t download crappy files from the internet?

Sorry but is this answer helping anyone?

Is there anyone who does not download something from the internet?

So? It’s not the player that’s at fault, it plays all the formats advertized.


I mean are you from this planet man?

If so, how do you explain the fact that the very same file is played by Nero on my laptop without any problems?

geordieturk wrote:

…how do you explain the fact that the very same file is played by Nero on my laptop without any problems?

That’s kinda an odd question – apparently Nero supports the file.  Are you assuming that anything you can play on your PC should be playable on a hardware based media player where the codecs are burned onto silicon (not software)?

Let’s skip to the meat of the issue.  Please post the full TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for such a file.


Even with the used codecs being supported it still could be a crappy mux that can be played by fault-tolerant software players.

geordieturk wrote:
I mean are you from this planet man?

Pot, met kettle.

Just for the benefit of this forum:

I have borrowed a newer version of the same player from a friend of mine and it playes all the so called “crappy files” without any problems…

I guess “Techflaws” will have an answer to this too :wink:

The scare quots are funny, but yeah, I do. It’s either crappy files or probably bug #3. That said, I have seen this happen once with a friend’s WDTV and it was actually his expensive Oelbach HDMI cable that made his model do weird stuff. Still can’t fathom how this happened but an Amazon basics cable did the trick.

I have the same exact version of this player and same thing keeps happening to me…

At first I thought it’s with some type of files but there is no rule because sometimes the file will play and the other time it crashes and this keeps happening with mkv and mp4 files and other players play that file with no trouble … 

I tried reseting the player to defoult settings and there is no change…

As time goes by more and more files make it crash and it’s getting to a point that it’s not useable …

If anyone has some kind of solution please help …