WD TV keeps resetting without internet connection?

A few weeks ago, I was at a hotel when I first got the wdtv. I connected to the wireless there, but because the hotel has a webpage authentication, I wasn’t able to get internet access. After the wdtv connected, it locked up and kept in a reboot cycle. Since the wdtv saved this connection, when it would start up, it would try to connect, and keep on the cycle of crashing and rebooting and trying to connect. Most times it would just show the WD logo screen, other times it would briefly come to the home screen before rebooting. I managed to catch it at the homescreen and quickly pressed the reset button on the unit to clear settings (since I had no way of turning off the hotels wireless). This worked and I chalked it up to being the hotel’s wireless network causing the issue.

My plan is to have wdtvs in the major areas in my home, have a WD My Cloud Mirror (havent bought yet) to share videos to all of them. The NAS would be connected to my wireless router and share the videos over wireless. 

So about 15-20 mins ago (I’m at home), I had 2 wdtv on newegg in the cart about to check out (no lie) to put on my other TVs. I clicked the cart button and my internet drops. My wireless router is all good, so my LAN should be okay (the wireless router), just the internet dropped out (needed to restart the cable modem). I walk out to restart the modem and notice the wdtv showing the WD logo screen saying “connecting to network” or whatever. I thought “no way”. Watched it for a few minutes, and yup, it’s doing the reboot cycle. 

I purposely left the internet down to check this out (but left my wireless LAN router on). I unplugged the modem (left the router on) to see if the wdtv would stay on. Nope. As soon as I plugged the modem back in and internet access came back up, the wdtv booted and stayed on.

Now this is a BIG problem for me. Why can this thing not be content to stay on a LAN without internet access? Really, I can imagine watching a movie from the NAS, the internet drops, and the wdtv freezes and keeps rebooting until the internet comes back on. Because I know for a fact that is what will happen. 

Can anyone confirm that they are having this issue too? If you have your wdtv connected wirelessly to a wireless router, disconnect your modem (but leave wireless router on) and see if you have the same problems. 


Have you tried resetting the unit manually to factory defaults using the reset button.

Yes. I had to do that the first time to clear the saved access point. But, that doesn’t fix the issue of it happening when internet is dropped.

As it works now, there is no way to stream files or access share on a wireless LAN without internet access, or it keeps rebooting.

Does no one else have this issue? I’m trying to figure out if it is this unit, or a bug in the firmware.

I have the same issue on my WD TV Live G3. 

Noticed it a while back when my cable modem died. Was booting up my WD TV thinking I was going to watch content from my mediaserver. Did a reset and everything good until I connected the WD TV to my Wi-Fi. Ended up with doing another reset and playing content from USB till I get a new modem.

 I contacted support and was told to do a reset and a firmware downgrade.

I have tried 1.16.13, 2.01.86 and 2.02.32 wth the same result on all three firmwares.Was then told my unit was faulty and needed replacement. The new unit has the same problem as the old one. 

Thank you for the response Wonder why this thing has to have internet connection for the Wifi to work…

If the WDTV has Internet via either Wi-Fi or LAN when booting up, it still works after disconnecting Internet, so it’s something that happens while it boots up 

I was in contact with support again, and have provided more in-depth information and logfiles now, hopefully they can sort this out (=

I also believe that connecting to a new access point that doesn’t have internet access will lock up the wdtv, then cause it to crash into the reboot loop. (This happened to me at the hotel)

I also seen the wdtv keep working after disconnecting internet, but I think after a certain amount of time, it will lock up and reboot. Not sure how long though (this happened when my internet dropped)

FWIW, I manually updated mine through USB with the latest firmware when I first got it.

Happening for me as well which is really frustrating since I don’t have very stable internet. I just opened my second support case on this issue after only getting “helpful” generic responses suggesting all that I already tried (and mentioned trying in the support case).

I hope someone from WD reads this and opens a bug for the firmware devs.



WD sent me a new (refurb?) player, and it worked fine without internet connection. Was able to still connect to my wireless LAN, even without internet, and booted and ran fine. Even after updating to latest firmware. However, after a few restarts that unit’s HDMI output quit working. So I decided to keep my original, and sent the replacement back to WD.  

Here’s how I fixed mine:

  1. Rollback the firmware using the 1.00.42 file here under “WD TV Media Player”:  http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5860/~/how-to-roll-back-the-firmware-on-a-wd-tv-live-hub-media-center,-wd-tv-live

(unzip files to usb flash drive, plug into player, and follow instructions)

  1. Update firmware through WIFI and not USB.

When I first got mine, I updated to latest using USB. That MAY have caused this issue, I don’t know. Could have been coincendence. But I updated through WIFI (after rolling back firmware) and don’t have the issue anymore.

Now I can boot mine up connected to my wireless without internet, and still play files from my NAS (WD My Cloud Mirror).