WD TV HD will be my last WD TV Product ! - No Letterbox, no Sleeptimer

Dear WD Team !

Caused by your great website i was not able to write those people, who are responsible for WD TV Products.

Since a few months i own a WD TV HD Media Player and i am extremly disappointed because of its firmware which is the biggest ■■■■ in the media player sector !

I payed 90$ for my WD TV HD because i wanted to have a quality product which i expected when i bought WD.

A friend of mine owns a 40$ No Name Media Player and his device has WAY better firmware !

I ask you, dear WD Team: Why is such a big company unable to implement 16:9 16:10 letterboxing and stuff into their product but a 40$ no name player is able to do that?

Why is it not possible for your company, to implement a sleep timer? Every crappy receiver has a sleeptimer !

Sorry if it sounds rude but i am EXTREMLY dissapointed because for me it is absolutly not possible to understand, why there is no sleep timer and especialy no 16:9 force in your media player.

I hate it to use my WD TV HD because of its poor-quality firmware !

That’s an extremely old media player and those options are present in the new ones. You got it recently, but it’s likely at least 3 years old.