Are you updating WD again or not?

This is to the team or person who monitor this thread, those who work for WD and represent WD.

Will there be a new firmware update in 2015? It’s been many, many months already and nothing.

The insane lack of response leaves us all wondering do you actually give a **bleep** about support. I think not.

Perhaps it’s time to move on and boycott WD…

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Welcome to the Community.

While I understand where you’re coming from, please be aware internal roadmaps for firmware and software development/releases are handled internally by WD’s Engineering teams. If (And when) a new update is released, it will be notified in the News & Announcements section of the WD Community.

I admit I have been checking more regularly for an update myself.  

I mainly want to see some stability and general performance improvements.  Using the youtube leanback app and getting kicked out or having the box reset can get frustrating.  

A great product.  Thank you WD.  Just needs a little more love.  Will keep checking.

Hi trancer, it would be really good if WD would be able to release some kind of road map. Ie the community is in the dark about your plans for most of its various devices. I know in past years there use to be more active engadgement with the community about releases. To be fair wd got slamed for what they said, there are always some people who are negative. However i think the silence really is more damaging and its far better to be a little more tranparent. Having read many posts on these topics there is a fair few people saying they have had enough of wd, in my view this is because there is almost no communication.
Just my 2 cents.

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Hi again,

Checking in to find out progress on the next update.


WD isn’t going to update it, and worse yet they probably aren’t going to do us the courtesy of giving out any straight answers.  While the front line support people we deal with here and on the phone are nice enough and deserve our respect  and courtesy for that, the product managers and such who actually run the product are total idiots who don’t give a **bleep** about customer frustration or loyalty, leaving a product with a last good working update, or any ranting we might do here, or to the poor support people, about them doing the right thing. For them “the right thing” is cutting bait on the product no matter how badly the last update left it, but at the same time stringing their former customers along so they don’t have to have public statements out there they might have to later contradict.  They’re playing the percentages (maybe even correctly from a strictly business perspective) that most consumers are ultimately forgetful/forgiving in the long run when they see a later product at an aggressive price point, so dealing with our gripes and lack of knowledge now is a waste of their time and resources.

All I know is that personally, it would have to be a **bleep** of a deal for me to ever buy anything from WD again. Other companies like Apple and Roku abandon products too, to be sure, so that’s not the problem, it’s just the cold pure logic of how disrespectfully they’ve dealt with their customers here than I’m having trouble forgiving with WD.  I dunno.  I can’t help but hope that the product manager for this line made a lot of these decisions unilaterally and maybe at some distant point in the future might lose his or her job over the handing of it.  But it’s unlikely.  Nobody in any position of authority at WD is going to see rants here, or logged calls to their tech support even.  Or give that much weight to them even if they did.

I think we all know by now that WD is NOT going to update the SMP…that is obvious. It’s pitiful that WD left all of us customers hanging with bad firmware for a once great player.

Let’s face it, Elvis is dead and so is the WD SMP. Time to move on to more innovative products with great customer support.

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Yea, very sad…especially since I only just fired mine up LOL

One thing is for sure is that I am destroying my unit and going to a far superior media unit, that literally **bleep**s all over WD lame excuse for technology.

Stop building amateur **bleep** WD and do something robust, reliable and respectable for once. The WD management team must be a bunch of total wankers thinking they can release products with ZERO support and that fail constantly.

In every situation like this it always comes from the top, and I don’t care what you think, this is true of the WD culture.

To any mod who replies, just don’t bother with your **bleep** pre-written comments as nothing can save you now.

Why should they bother with clueless ramblings like that. If you’re really too stupid to sell the device on ebay so someone can it to 2.01.86 and have it work as advertized that’s your problem.

There were other cases of people destroying their WDTVs.

It gives a very strong message of how some people feel about this product.

Not that I agree with this, but I don’t remember reading it’s againts the “terms of service” … yet  LOL

People say a lot of stuff on the Internet, so what? Also, does it seem to you like WD would care?

I do agree with your rhetorical questions.

Still I also remember that one guy posted pictures of his destroyed wdtv, it looked like it was hammered.

Which was childish and pointless. I would have sold it and use that money to buy something else (which would have had the same impact on WD as anything).

Someone that destroys a product and post pictures of it, is trying to make a statement that the product is garbage.

It’s a protest designed to shock and get (both positive and negative) reactions.

Wow … after reading this thread, I won’t be buying a WD product again, for awhile…as I was ready to do same and “was” just looking for info to make the final discision on exactly which product to get. The last thing I need is…“more headaches”…as I “was hoping” to actually “cure some”…not have more. (Already pulled several “all nighter’s”). So Thanks to everyone that exposed the problems. You all saved me a lot time frustration…from the looks of things. Sad part is…I have been researching different products for a couple of weeks now…and now it’s back to square one I guess. Bummer… sorta… but “oh well”…at least I was able to avoid another “lack of product support trap.” The unfortunate thing is…I really don’t know “where to go” from here… huuuummmm.

Btw…stay away from Devant (not so) Smart TV’s. Been having problems with a new purchase for a couple of months. No Support to speak of either. Should have bought a Samsung I guess. Thanks again friends…

Mr-Wolf wrote:
It’s a protest designed to shock and get (both positive and negative) reactions.

Yeah, and WD is losing sleep over this.

@Mr-Wolf…please be advised that it’s not about if WD is losing sleep or not. It’s about me possibly losing sleep after buying a inefficent, under performing product. Thus, I bought another brand today…(sad to say) and again, I’m greatful to those that took the time to share their experiences, as only the foolish disregard credible warning…at least in my reality. Of course the mileage of others may vary…but as Granny use to say…“an once of pervention is worth a pound of cure,” and since I live in the Philippines…replacing products takes a lot more effort…in many cases. Please make a note of same…

As you said user mileage may vary, It dependes on what you use it for.

Some functions work well , others don’t.

I wanted to use video playback, music playback, “photo slideshow” and “youtube leanback”.

Video playback works well for me.

Stereo music playback lacks sound quality, but it’s normal at this price, you need to use the TV to change tracks, an android/ios app is needed so we could listen to music with tv off.

In “Photo slideshow”, if you go back to the photo file list, it always goes to the 1rst photo, instead it should go to the last photo you were seeing, they fixed this in the last FW, but last FW crashes a lot because of huge memory leak.

“youtube leanback”, never worked for me, it always crashed after some hours of use, it also had several other bugs.

I don’t use other apps/services/functions, so can’t speak about them.

You did well not buying this, looks like we are left with a crashing device, only solution is to downgrade to some previous FW with less important bugs.

WD don’t care, that is obvious. I’m not actually going to destroy the unit - that’s just what I felt like doing. Glad to see some of you might have actually believed this for a moment!!. Maybe I just got a dodgy unit?