WD Sync does really sync?

I wonder if this piece of software does really sync folders,

I mean when I delete a folder does this software delete the folder on all synched computers?


Look at the My Cloud User Manual,*** Backing Up and Retrieving Files***. Use the link below to open the User Manual.

From the User Manual: Copying Into the My Cloud Folder When you copy a file or folder into the My Cloud folder on your computer, the WD Sync software automatically copies it to the WD Sync folder on:  Your My Cloud device  Any other computer in your network with the WD Sync software installed. Then, whenever you change or delete a file in the WD Sync folder on any device, the WD Sync software replicates the change on all of the other devices.


Thanks for your answer cat0w.
As you say the changes should be replied on all other devices, but it really does not work for me…

When I change something on my principal computer, my laptop says that WD is up to date…