WD Sync Options

Recently I bought a WD My Cloud and I’m using the WD Sync app.
My doubt is if there is a way to set up WD Sync to do just:

  1. the adding of new files that I create in my laptop;
  2. the upgrade of files already uploaded to My Cloud that I change in my Laptop.
    Thanks in advance

Possibility 1: store all these files in the folder “My Cloud” which was created by the WD Sync software installation; this folde ris located in your User Profile Tree within Windows

Possibility 2: open the WD Sync software and include some more existing folders on your laptop to be synced on the My Cloud device.

I am already using the My Cloud folder created by WD Sync app and I’m sorry but my doubt remains. All the folders and their files in the My Cloud folder in my laptop were already copied to My Cloud external drive. So what I would like to know now is if I delete a file or a folder on my laptop, the copy of this file or folder in the My Cloud (external drive) is also removed automatically?

No, it will stay securely stored inside the Sync folder on your My Cloud device.
You can restore any deleted file on your laptop by dropping the folder where the deleted file was stored into the Undelete section of WD Sync software. Then you can restore the files that were deleted on your laptop.

If you want to erase the file within the WD Sync solution, than you have to open the Sync-Target-Folder on the NAS and remove the file from there too.

Thank you!


I deleted a folder in the My Cloud folder in my laptop and the corresponding folder within the WD Sync folder in My Cloud device disappeared.
Before using My Cloud I used a Microsoft app (Synctoy) in which the sync options let us choose the “Contribute” one that makes what I’m looking for. That is to update modified files (existing both in the laptop and in a external drive) and add new files. In this case, when a file is deleted in the laptop and we run the SyncToy app, the corresponding file in the external drive still remains, that is, does not disappear.

WD Sync does not do what you’re looking for. It is a two-way sync all the time with no options for just one-way.
You’ll have to find a program (or create a script with something like robocopy) to do what you need.

I really need one-way solution just and I’m not figuring how to solve this. Anyway, thank you for the tip, dunbone