WD software and Windows 10

In this list of software only WD Sync is explicitly a version for Win 10 and one app - WD Smartware - lacks any information on supported OS. The rest of the PC software only supports Win 8 or earlier versions. Have I found an outdated list? If so, where is the list up to date?

I´d also very much like to know if all the seven PC software in the list is necessary i order to run My-cloud Mirror smoothly. Remark: Why don’t WD create ONE software for this purpose - running Mycloud as a breeze?

Thank you!

Hi there,

regarding WD Sync, if you go to more info you can see the compatible operating systems:

Regarding Smartware compatibility you can check the compatible operating systems on the software user manual, please check this link:

Thank you ArMak. As I wrote all SW except WD Sync is compatible only wit Win 8.1 or earlier, at least according to the WD-list. Since my computer runs Win 10, I am a bit confused and I hesitate to install the programs. Is there anyone here that can confirm if those programs är OK for Win 10 or not?


I have windows 10 and have the software installed and works normally.