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Here is my two dollar question.  If I update to Windows 10, is my SmartWare, and EX2 compatible with Windows 10?

OliverDeez wrote:

Here is my two dollar question.  If I update to Windows 10, is my SmartWare, and EX2 compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, Smartware should work on Windows 10 and your EX2 too.

I have downloaded Windows 10 and WD Smartware 2.4.12 but unfortunately now the WD SmartWare application does not “see” the MyCloud device at all.  It just shows DropBox.  I can access the device manually i.e. via the WD My Cloud software - just not via SmartWare.  Any ideas?

I don’t know if my solution can help you.  I have a similar with my surface on windows 10.  The surface was connected to my network but she doesn’t see any equipment on my network.  I shutdowed and restarted my router.  The problem was solved

I have updated my Windows 7 PC to Windows 10 and now my WD My Book software gives me an error message stating the operating system is not compatable with My Book. I can see the device, all the files, and have full accessability, but the automatic backup software that used to work like a charm no longer backs up my computer. Any suggestions?

I have exactly the same problem.

What are we supposed to do?  Buy a new WD product?

No way, supported or not, a fix should be issued for such a major one off problem.

Mine will go in the bin along with everything else WD that I have and I will go to another manufacturer.

use LUN iSCSI volumes instead.  much better and acts as a local drive that you can partition and holds a drive letter permanently if you want.  WD apps are horrible and good luck with the support.

Thanks for the advice but unfortunately this did not solve the problem for me.

Windows 10 changed my network from Private to Public. I changed it back to Private and my NAS appeared in the Smartware.

Mine appears to be working fine with Windows 10, even the smartware software.  I used the WD discovery tool, and mapped the drives.

Thanks Not Expert.

That is exactly what happened to me too.  My network was changed from Private to Public.  I had to play with the firewall and move the network back and now all is well.  Strange aberration.

I guess they are stumped, I told them about it weeks ago and it still is not fixed!!


Smartware no longer sees my livebook after windows 10 install!!!

I notified WD and they said they will look into it, but that has been weeks ago,

Either they don’t have a clue or don’t care!!