WD Smartware, My Passport 500gb file disappeared


I have used my external hard drive for the past couple of years without any problems. I have a folder named “Tom” on it which has all my work, photos, music, videos, etc., in it. 

I restarted my computer and this folder disappeared. The WD Drive Status has “My Passport Essential USB HDD [H:]” in it and says I have 0% used, which is clearly incorrect. When I actually try and launch the WD Smartware program it just slows my whole computer down and doesn’t load up. (I have version, but since it is loading I cannot update the software).

Nothing like this has happened before. I’ve tried turning everything off and on again, a different computer, googling it, but nothing seems to work, I don’t want to reformat or defrag or anything like that for fear of losing everything though.

I really don’t want to lose these files so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

The information might be corrupted, try using data recovery program like recuva or testdisk to recover your files. 

Did you find a solution to this I have the same issue…

Thanks for your time.