WD Smartware for my 2TB Essentials drive (making computer VERY slow)



I have a 2tb wd my book essential hooked up via usb to my computer which has a quad core, 4g ram, xp pro and usually runs pretty fast btw.  The first thing I did was to update the firmware and software for the my book before even moving anything over, i disabled the virtual cd, still not clear on what that does, but when i restart the pc the program starts up (smartware) and seems to slow everything down on the pc in general.

Are there any settings I can change or confirm here to help fix this?

The way things are slowing down its almost useless to have the thing running.

Thanks for any help on this,


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Can I remove all the wd software from my 2tb my book essential?  The software seems very bloat/heavy on the pc’s resources and I just don’t like it, can I somehow just dump everything on it and make it into a standard drive that I can use a free software sync program vs wd’s stuff?

I am sorta a newbie so any step by step as to how to do this is greatly appreciated.

I did update the firmware and software for the unit but it didn’t help, just ■■■■■ resources and makes the computer SLOOOOOWWWWWWWW.