WD Red Pro's

Just got a good deal on Red Pro’s 7.2 k RPM to replace Red’s 5.4k RPM.

They hit 200MB/s instead of the Red’s 145MB/s but make a horrid Tick every 3-5 seconds so I assumed it was error correction trying to read a bad sector like I have had in past with failing WD My books (run too hot).

I thought two drives faulty as new but they are same Dec 2017 DOB so its possible a bad batch.

They passed all the test run using WD and other HDD Utilities so I started to Google like mad.

Background Media Scan


This is intentional and cannot be turned off even after a long phone WD support.

So anyone thinking of buying a newer WD drive try to find out if it has this function, I will need sell my new drives on as I cannot put up with this noise.

That issue aside I have 2 late 2015 DOB V-Raptors 10k RPM that hit 175MB/s each fitted as new out of sealed packaging last week and that are quieter in overall spinning and seeking (they seek faster than at other Mech-HDD) and do not have this horrid BMS function nor do the 2016 Red’s.