WD Red Pro 10TB (WD101KFBX) spec check

Hi WD Community.

I’m going to be purchasing some new hard drives for a 5-bay Synology NAS, and the drives I’m looking at are the WD Red 10TB (WD100EFAX) and the WD Red Pro 10TB (WD101KFBX).

I’d like to get the WD Red Pros for the 5 year warranty, but noise is a factor given the location of the NAS. The WD Red and WD Red Pro spec sheets both claim that the 10TB versions have the same power management and acoustics specs.

Does it seem correct that the Red and Red Pro drives (in the 10TB size) have identical acoustics, even though one is 5400RPM and the other is 7200RPM?

Hello tansden,

The noise would depend on the environment in which the drives are working.