WD Red 8TB WD80EFZX very loud - normal or no? (video)


I just got an 8TB WD Red. This thing is loud, the loudest hard drive I’ve ever owned by far. I read on the spec sheet that it’s up to 29dBa but this thing can be heard from across the room when seeking. Obviously I have no way to scientifically measure the noise it’s putting out but it is far far louder than any other component in my computer.

I found this video here (skip to 0:20)

Mine sounds exactly like that - it’s this super loud noise when seeking. Compared to other internal hard drives which I can’t even hear when they are seeking.

Is this normal for the helium drives or should I return it? I’m particularly curious as to your thoughts on the video as mine sounds exactly like that.



Take a look at this link. Hope it helps