WD RED 10TB PRO = 2 year warranty?

I would like to purchase several RED 10TB PRO but in Romania every retailer offers only 24 months warranty.

So does that mean that the 5 year warranty of these Pro drives doesn’t apply ?

Or can i contact WD if one of my drives fails after 2 years ?

Hello remi1,

Well, the warranty period of the RED PRO drive in Romania will be of 3 years according to our database. you may check the given link in order to know about the warranty period.

Warranty policy

If you have any issue then you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Hi Rocky, actualy the RED Pro drives have 5 year warranty :

You linked to the RED drives, that only have 3 year warranty.
I understand that the implied warranty by retailer is 24 months but does that mean that if one of my RED PRO drives fail after 2 years, then i can contact WD for the warranty ? If so then i will buy a lot of them, cause i know you offer the best quality drives.