WD Quick View No Longer Reports Data

Quick View has been working fine for a couple of months but in the past week or so, it reports the name of the drive, 0% for used, and unknown for temperature.  It is version 2.3.0.  This isn’t a critical service but it is nice to know that all the software is working correctly just in case.

What hard drive model do you have? 

3Tb, MyCloud.

Another thing I just noticed is my Pro version of SmartWare is not longer saying “Pro.”  I clicked on the gold key to use my activation code but it says to try again later.  Why does my Pro version keep reverting to the standard version?  I double checked on the WD site and it says I do have the right to the Pro version.

I received the following email directly from WD:

This is an issue that started happening lately and it is being worked on around the clock by our engineers, there is no estimated time to provide but, we will really appreciate your patience and we assure you that this will be fixed as soon as possible.

Magically, everything started working again.