SmartWare does not see MyCloud and Quick View does not show info on my New Laptop

Hi Everyone,

I just change laptops Win7 32-bit to Win7 64-bit and reinstalled all the WD software and I am able to connect to the dashboard and to set up my remote MyCloud on my laptop. However I have two problems:

1-SmartWare does not show MyCloud so I can set up my Back Up

2-Quick view does not show any info about MyCloud. Before it showed Temp and status and also had a dropdown menu where I could access Dashboard, Folders, etc.

Please provide any ideas for solution.

Thank you!!

Can you map the My Cloud shared folders? Also check if you have any any firewalls that might be blocking Smartware. 

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Hi Ichigo,

Thank you for the reply. After you message, I have just mapped the Public, Private and SmartWeare folders in MyCloud. Then, I turned off my Firewalls, then I was able to see MyCloud in the QuickView and the SmartWare as I did on my previous laptop. I turned my Firewall back on and I still see MyCloud so I am not sure what fixed it, either the mapping of drives or turning off and on the Firewalls. I think it was the mapping because I never got a Firewall message or there is anything in the Firwall log file.

The other two last questions I have are:

FIRST: Why now is the SmartWare is asking me for an activation code to go Pro and before it didn’t. (Maybe it did and I don’t remember). I got the trial code for 30 days so at least I can back up now.

SECOND: If I had an external HDD back up on my old laptop and now I connect it to my new laptop, SmartWare does not recoginze the External HDD and I will have to back it up again. Is there a workaroung to assign the previous back up in MyCloud to the same External HDD connected now to my new laptop?

Thank you very much for your help.