Wd photo (ipad version) & my book live

I just have bought a 2tb my book live. It was easy to setup the network, but when I try to upload photos from my ipad2 via wd photo the app renames all the files and deletes all of its information. I have updated the firmware for the mbl, i have the latest ios and ipad app. I have reinstalled the app and restarted the ipad but nothing solves this problem.

What did I wrong? How can i solve the problem?


Can you give an example of how the name of the picture changes when transferred from the WD photos app. Also what type of information is deleted from the picture? 

Hi and thanks in advance!

The time of creation is modified to the time of uploading and geotag infos are missing.
Few examples for the new filename are
WD_FCFB.jpg WD_2C13.jpg WD_B56B.jpg WD_886A.jpg WD_3D3E.jpg and so on.

Any idea?


Currently this is the way that the application works. You might be interested in writing the suggestion in the Ideas section.