WD photo app


I’ve noticed that the WD photo app doesn’t seem to recognise new photos on the NAS.  Removing the app from my ipad, then reinstalling seems to improve it, however it only sees about 20 folders with photos, the 70 odd other folders all have 0 images in them.

Using WD2go, I can see photos in the other folders.  So seems like a bug to me.

Different ipads on the same network seem to give different results.

The drive is still creating the mirror array, not sure if this is slowing it down.  I’ve also installed the latest firmware on the drive, however as mentioned, as WD2go works ok I suspect its a bug with the caching side of things in the photo app.

If this is a confirmed bug, is it likely to be fixed soon?



sorry, double post, PC was a bit slow.  you can delete this one if you want, I included a bit more info in the later duplicate message.

I have similar issues.  The app seems erratic about recognising photos copied into the Shared Pictures folder.  It appears simply to be buggy.  It would be very useful if the developers could fix it.  

more info, it seems to work ok on an iPhone, but on a ipad 2 and 3 has the above issues.