WD Passport Wireless SSD and Services

Connecting to my Passport WIreless SSD using the WD app on my iPad, everything works fine and I can copy SD Cards with no issues. I see a “Services” tab and one them you can add is Dropbox. I have done this, but there is -0- documentation on what these services are for or how to use them. I don’t want auto backup, just manual for now to Dropbox of select files or folders.

I simply would like to copy some files into Dropbox folders, but this seems broken in the App, I can pick a place to “Copy to” (and select a Dropbox folder), but there is no button to Save or Copy or Finish - seems broken, so you can’t complete it.

Am I missing something or is this half-baked the way it seems? No mention of how to use these services at all.

OK - - - you inspired me to try this.

First. . .this “service” is a function of the WD cloud app and has nothing directly to do with your Passport Wireless.

It is just basically a way to access dropbox from the same app that you use to access the Passport Wireless. Especially handy if you have multiple WD cloud devices and you have them all linked.

File handling in the dropbox share is identical to file handling with your passport. I am going to describe how to transfer multiple files.
I am working on an iPhone, I expect that it would work similar on an iPad.

  1. Select relevant directory
  2. Press the three dots in the upper right of the screen
    3.Hit “select” and select the files to copy.
  3. A menu comes up with “copy” as an option. Hit copy.
  4. A list of all the mycloud devices comes up. Select your destination.
  5. Lower right hand corner of screen: Selept “paste”.

Worked first time for me.

If you are doing a single file, you can hit an “share button” in the upper right corner of the screen. This brings up a standard ios share screen, allowing me to put a file anywhere (email, imessage, mycloud app). Seems to work.

Frankly. . .I have not played around much with this until recently. . . usually I don’t like internet prowling my stuff :wink: - - > But it does make it easier to sling files around with family and friends.

Thanks for the detail, this all makes sense. I am going to try this and advise back.
I was not expecting anything like automated backups to Dropbox, but simple copy/paste, etc
will work fine for my needs.

I think there are ways to do automated backups to dropbox, but not via the app.

I may have already told you more than I actually know.