WD Passport Ultra not backing up as scheduled

I set my WD Passport and SmartWare to backup once a week. My computer is always on, either active or in “sleep mode”. I’m running Windows 10.
I just experienced a corruption in a doc file I had about 10 hours invested in and went to recover it only to find out that SmartWare had not backed up since the first of the month, before I started on this project. I also discovered it only showed one missed backup attempt. Needless to say I am pissed beyond words having to start this project all over.
Does this thing not start backup if the computer is “sleeping”? Do I have to keep my computer on and in active mode anytime I want it to update the backup? If yes, how stupid is that? The backup process drains resources and should be done when I am not using any… like when I am away from the computer.
Really would love some help here. Went to all the trouble to get this backup system installed just in case I need it and then… the one time I REALLY need it, it’s not there for me. What a total waste.
Any input greatly appreciated.


WD Smartware will not work while your computer is in sleep mode. If you schedule a backup you have to make sure the computer is running at the time the backup will start.