Doesn't back up automatically

WD Passport: No automatic backup unless my computer is in full “active” mode. Won’t perform its automatic back-up if the computer has put itself to “sleep” (which I want it to do when I haven’t been using it for a while). The computer is NOT turned off, it’s just asleep.

And when I “wake up” the computer (as simple as pressing any key, or opening the lid of the PC), it doesn’t perform any missed backups.

I have it set to once-a-day backups. If it won’t do them automatically every time, it’s not really that useful to me.

Anybody else have this problem? Or (hopefully) any solution?


This is really a Windows problem. As the Drive Utility clearly states, the computer sleep setting will override the drive setting. The only solution I see is to set the computer sleep time later. I use 4 hours, and I do not think I’m missing any backups.


Thanks. I’m still fiddling with the sleep settings on my WD Passport and computer and haven’t yet found a combination that reliably gives me automatic backup but I haven’t given up. Thanks again.