WD MyCloudMirror c2010

I think I have finally given up on my MyCloudMirror. It used to work OK, but what with getting filled with TM backups and my data, and successive MacOS updates, it gives me nothing but trouble. I can access files remotely from my iPhone and usually from my iMac and Mac Books but I’ve never been able to access the dashboard remotely or often from my network. I can’t always access files at home. The discs are constantly working lights flashing etc when I’m not doing anything. the final straw is I can’t do TM backups on all my devices anymore.
What does the community recommend to replace this so-called NAS; MyCloudMirror?


Please refer to the following KBA article: How to Perform a Quick, Full, or System Test on a My Cloud

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your reply. Part of my problem is that I cannot get into the dashboard. I keep getting a timeout error. If I could get in I would certainly try what you suggest.