WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps!

Copy HDD 1-by-1, then just extend DataPation.

Or: Prepare new HDD, install system, configure, install chroot (debian app), stop it, copy old “chroot” folder, start app again.

Thank you for the reply.

I encountered some problem with tar command for Debian folder in old HDD.:disappointed_relieved:
So, I only copied several configuration files from old HDD to new HDD, and set up ‘chroot’ in new HDD, again.
Now, it works very well.

No solution yet for app install after fw upgrade to 2.30.165?

Easiest is just to downgrade FW as per posts further up in the chain

Or manual edit define.js file (Compare to original, add/edit disabled features).
I think about automatize this process by “sed” tool… Later…

Hello everybody.
As Im new I couldnt reply to the thread earlier but I was having the exact same problems with the new Firmware, the Accept button did not work.
Following instructions I downgraded to a previous version of the Firmware and then followed @Fox_exe instructions as stated in this post and everything works fine now.
For those who doesnt know how to downgrade or where to download previous versions, I leave here this excellent posts to follow:

How to downgrade (adapt everything to your My Cloud version)

I own a 2 Tb MyCloud Gen2 and I have a question, hope someone can help me or link me to a related post:
Now that I have Transmission on my MyCloud, what should I do in order to have remote acces to Trasmission so i can upload torrents and so from my mobile or other personal computer away from my home connection.

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can you please eloborate the steps. I am still on the old firmware, what should i do if i want to keep my apps and also upgrade? thank you

hi…i am still on old firmware and using the crack. what steps should i follow if i want to upgrade and have the ability to install apps on the latest firmware or should i just leave it on old one. i specifically want the transmission app nothing else. thank you for all your amazing work and help.


Just append at the end of the file your overrides for default values, is easier than using “sed” and the result will be the same. The file is just a list of variables that the browser loads to configure the user interface.

Hey bro, I see that you tried to enable the storage section (for iSCSI and RAID goodies). [Was looking at what you set in your define.js]

I find that if you lie to the webUI by putting these values in for the model ID, that these magically turn on.

var DEV_NAME = " [WD My Cloud EX1100 ™]";
var MODEL_NAME = "BG2Y"; 

If you look in the cramfs volume of the gen2, in /usr/local/modules/web/pages_MirrorMan you will find that there is a section for the EX1100, with the stock define.js for it. It appears that the Gen2 and this unit share a common code base, and the Gen2 comes stock with the iSCSI modules ready and waiting to be loaded. I am going to play with leaving this config set to assure reliability/utility. (The RAID config is kinda useless given that it only has 1 sata port, but iSCSI has both target and initiator goodies, and volume virtualization is able to be turned on, meaning the MyCloud can connect with iSCSI volumes and present them locally for use by the RAID config system, if somebody REALLY wanted to.)

I have not actually attempted creation of an iSCSI target at this time-- instead, I am going to see if a manually created USB RAID shows up in the RAID section for management. I have a fancy 8port USB hub I can drop a bunch of identical sticks into for basic testing, which I think I will do here in a day or two. If that works, I will attempt creation of iSCSI targets, and try mounting them from the windows machine I keep upstairs.

This is just a heads up that the functionality appears able to be turned on. I will test function sometime later this week when I have the time.

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Great Job!!!
I wonder if you can compile screen command. Or can you let me know how you compiled these programs? Thank you!

See the debian chroot. :wink:

Does it really matter if your session lives in the chroot, or not? If it does not, then the chroot’s instance of screen will solve your problems.

Not screen but tmux here: https://mycloud.barracus.tk/WDMyCloud_UtilsUpdate-extras_1.0.0.bin
tmux can do whatever screen does and uses less ram, package also includes midnight commander.


I’m making a list with all the old apps (all versions i have found so far)
I will also update the list, once more apps is found/created/updated.

Go into inspect element and use this code below in the console.

APP_INSTALL_FUNCTION=1; APPS_EULA=1; check_app_eula();

var input = ‘Install an app manually’;

Is there a minimum Firmware version that is required to use your code?

Or can you state which FW versions “should” work ;-?

(Maybe your could add that info to the top-level message).

Oh yeah, and you say ssh as root, but someplace I have read you can only ssh as sshd.
Do we su to root once inside? What is the default root password? Same as gen 1 (welc0me)?

Thanks for all your great work!

Use this tutorial. It’s the latest most stable.

this says that not able to click that Agree button on the latest firmware whats the workaround for that?

Try this.

  1. Click My Cloud Menu > Apps
  2. Open Chrome Web Browser DevTools(Press F12 or CTRL + SHIFT + I)
  3. Click Console tab.
  4. Copy & Paste this code. and press enter key.
    $("#AppsDiag_Manually_Install").remove();var input = '<input type="file" name= - Pastebin.com
  5. Ok. You can install an app. Enjoy!

This is a temporary method. But it works.
Sorry my poor English.

Is there a more recent version of the WDMyCloud_plexmediaserver_1333148.bin please.

Hi, @Fox_exe,

Thanks for guiding!

MyCloud is in fw 2.30.165, a follow your guiding but get in stuck after step:

  • refresh Dashboard, go to App tab.
  • Click on Install app manually, Agreement Tearm board appear. But when i click Accept button, it’s… stand-on and not to do anything.

So, how can i install any app?
By the way, i’m newbie, and could you show me which apps is good and necessary for IT Networking use.

Thank you so much.
Philip VN.