WD MyCloud 3TB unbricking hint

Hi there!
After completing a brilliant guide of Ouglee I have some hints for 3TB owners:

  1. 3TB virgin image which is promoted here (named mycloud3T.7z ) doesnt works. It stops at 1.3 Gb of copying and doesnt want to go. Therefore use only 2TB image as reccomended (link to copy on my Dropbox)and expand it after

  2. I has few unsuccessful Linux starting attempts until doesnt connected my HDD to regular PC and removed all partitions there. I dont know why, but if my HDD was with partitions errors system doesnt loaded.

  3. You can boot from USB. Just make it bootable with Linux ISO and Rufus (google this utilite ;o) Also you can store images on this USB-stick or use 2 different sticks.

  4. Best load type of Linux was 1 (default) or 3 (without confirmations). If load proccess halted on “looking for… etc.” longer, than 3 minutes, just reboot in other type of boot.

  5. I’m tried few ways to move from 2TB after unbrick to 3TB (original HDD size) as reccomended in guide but disk volume still 2TB. Therefore I reconnected it to computer, boot in Linux again and remove /dev/sda9 using visual interface of Gparted. After it i expanded /dev/sda4 to free space and geting 2.7 TB on device.