WD MyCloud 3TB, SMB Speed Issue

Installed the device one week ago and everything works fine. Copying in the network from my Laptop to the NAS works pretty fine and the speed is good.

I connected some folders via SMB in XBMC and here the perfomance is very bad.

Can´t watch a movie. XBMC is buffering every 10 seconds.   :frowning:

If I connect a folder via uPNP everything is okay and I can watch any movies without problems.

But XBMC needs SMB for the database and so I can’t use the MyCloud with XBMC.

Are there any Settings I have to do?

Any Ideas what’s wrong? Any ideas what I can do?

The issue seems to be with XBMC since laptop to nas works fine. Try to place the db on your laptop shares instead to troubleshoot. 

Thanks but can you explain that for a Noob…

The XBMC SMB works fine. Befor I bought the MyCloud I connected a USB 2.0 HDD via Fritz!Box and everything worked fine.

I guess a Fritz!Box with a HDD Connected via USB 2.0 should be much slowern…

What is running XBMC?  The laptop?

Where is the XBMC database being saved?  Did it actually finish scanning?

Wired?  Wireless?