WD My Passport SSD vs older My Passport Ultra HDD

I was tired of my old (maybe 3 years old?) “My Passport Ultra” portable HDD backup taking so long to backup about 110 GB (takes about an hour). So, I bought a new “My Passport SSD” expecting that it would improve the speed by a function of 5 to 10 times. Nope … even with USB 3.0, it still takes about the same time. WD Tech Support has been of no assistance. Is this to be expected? How can a new SSD be no speedier than an old HDD version? Any suggestions???

if they are both using USB3.0 … then they will be about the same.

The USB3.0 interface is the speed bottleneck.

Try testing on a different computer.

Even if after buying a brand new SSD and it performing the same as the old HDD … then sounds like an issue with something else. Could be your PC, Drivers, USB ports etc.