My Passport Ultra is working too slow

This is the average speed of my WD My passport Ultra USB 3.0 before changing the data cable…(first image)
But 2 months ago when I bought it, the average speed was 150 MB’/s… I am running an SSD for my primary storage/ boot drive… I have 12 GB or DDR3L 1600 MHz RAM. A Core i5 4200U, So basically there is not reason the drive is slowed down by my System…
How to recover the previous speed of my drive again?

After changing the cable the speed was in the second figure…

Speed looks indeed the same on both pictures )

Anyway, to achive good speeds with USB 3.0 you will need a good and short cable. The one supplied is too short, but it works. If you look for longer cable, be prepared for buy-and-test game.
I have a 90cm cable (USB type A - USB 3.0 Micro-B) which works, but still freezes sometimes with huge files.
And no, you can’t use USB extension cables, I least I couldn’t find a single one that worked with this drive over USB 3.0. With USB 2.0 - no problem at all.

That’s not my problem… my problem is “why is my drive running this slow? It should be 150 MB/s or above a 100 MB/s. Why is it slow?”

As I said - check the cable. Try the original one, or a different one. Try another storage drive or an USB stick. Try another PC.