My Passport; is it SSD or HDD?


Have purchased “My Passport”
Have just realized that there is NO information on the device that says whether it is SSD or HDD type
Nor can i find information in Windows (10) that disclose it

Many thanks, UML


should be labeled on the retail box if it’s an SSD … if not labeled as SSD then it’s a standard mechanical hard drive.

the price you paid for it will also be an indicator … eg. a 1TB SSD Passport on Amazon is $389 … a Non SSD Passport will cost about 1/4 of that price.


Hi Joey
Many thanks for your response (“is My Passport is SSD or HDD type”)

The one i have, was bought more than a year ago… (price & box have gone long ago)

Here is another link to Amazon site showing “My Passport”, but it has nothing about the type (SSD or HDD)!!

Re: Backup: Why HDD vs SSD may be important

Thanks for addressing this issue; UML


That drive is 100% not an SSD


Thanks Joey
Returning to the issue i have.

Having one or two “MyPassport” is there a software (preferred Windows 10 utility) that identify the whether it is HDD or SSD?