WD My Passport Pro on Windows 10

Hi all,

I’ve been a desk based iMac user for the past two years with a WD My Passport Pro 4TB Thunderbolt 2 drive as a back-up.

I’m moving to a more mobile role in my company and they’ve decided a Dell XPS 15" is better value for money.

The laptop has a USB-C port (and USB 3.0 if relevant), however as stated the My Passport Pro has Thunderbolt 2.

Firstly, this drive is designed for Mac, if it were reformatted could it work on Windows? Does anyone, perhaps Western Digital sell an adaptor to make it work on this laptop?

Thanks in anticipation.

Hi DarrylGodden ,

Yes, you can re-format the drive in exFAT files system in order to make it compatible with both Windows and Mac. If you want to use the drive in windows only you can re-format the drive in NTFS file system.

NOTE: Formatting is Data Destructive process and cannot be undone.