WD My Passport 1TB Super Slow!

Anyone find a fix for this? I noticed alot of people having the same problem. I looked online and tried many options people recommended and i still have a write speed of only 30MB per sec. I am running a decent computer with 15GB of ram. The USB is plugged into a 3.0 port… and i have no help from support.

I am stuck in purgatory as well regarding the slow speed of the back up process. It’s been 2 hours and the snail has only backed up 3.86 gb of 196? WTH? If you find an answer fill me in. I am connected to a powerful laptop and using the Esata port as my usb instead of the 2.0 hubs. with the standard factory cable of course.

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I found the solution to my problem. I was trying everything people recommended and nothing worked. So all i did was try using a different USB 3.0 slot… I was using the one in front of my computer and tried one in the back. I went from 30MB to a little over 100MB. Sounds simple and dumb… But that was my problem.