WD My Cloud Wireless Charge and Stream

I am trying to find out if there is a way to charge my WD MyCloud Wireless hard drive while I stream content from it. Basically if the battery runs low while driving long distance I want to charge it and watch a movie at the same time.

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I believe there is an option to keep the unit on wifi all the time, its called drive lock you can look for it on the dashboard under hardware.

Hope this helps.

I hope you tell me YOU are doing the driving while OTHERS in the car (kids, spouse) are doing the watching. Good grief.

Drive lock is used just to keep the files from being moved/added/downloaded ? But I’ll turn it on and see what happens when I plug the charger in.

Wouldn’t it be kind of obvious that is who it is for? Good grief. Please don’t be dumb and respond with stupidity.

Nothing is obvious when one says “I”; except “I”. Believe me, it is done by some morons, along with texting, “road head” and other road distractions! Good grief, don’t be naïve.

Please retract your snarky remark if you want my help, and I would never help someone who answered yes to my question. You answered correctly and appropriately with disbelief (just too snarky). :wink:
Waiting to help you. . . . . . . .

Nah I’m good. Go troll on another thread mike. I don’t care for people like you. Either help or don’t comment.

Beau, I will help you, because I know you really need it here, or else you would not have asked it. The answer is a no-brainer, but before I do, I’ll say have been a member here since 2011; you a member for one day or so, I have helped more people than most around here. Trolls don’t do that. A person needs to be as clear as possible with questions at forums. You might have been clear in your mind, but your question (with murky clarity) was as stupid as you accused mine of being. By the way, I have seen your question asked here before in the same unclear way.

Now for the help; no strings attached.

What you need is what is commonly known as a rechargeable battery bank. They come in all sizes, electrical capacity, and price ranges. The little “lipstick” purse sizes are inexpensive, and have only enough juice to charge a phone once. Handy though. The MPW uses more electricity so you need a bigger one with more “juice”.

The MPW charger delivers 5V when charging the MPW, and so do these banks. One condition met. The MPW charging cable has a standard USB3 connector, and so do these batteries. Second condition met, and we can use these batteries and MPW cable to charge our MPW. We have a lot these batteries for our family, because we bring them with us when we travel to charge iPads. IPhones, MPW and a few other gadgets. They are handy other times, like when the power is out; even
for a few days!

Now, for the recommendation. I prefer to use quality batteries on my fragile devices, so I have settled on the Anker brand sold in great quantities at Amazon. I am going to recommend the Anker Astro E5. It has enough power to fully-charge a discharged iPad, and plenty to keep a MPW going for another few hours. Attach it when battery indicator of MPW is showing 20% charge left while running. We have the model below (E4) with slightly less power, but if I was buying one today I would get the E5. I also like the white ones, because a sun shining on a black one can get it pretty warm. To get shopping see this Amazon page that has the E5 and E4 described/ Both at same price.


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Hi @bbt06001

You simply need to use a normal USB charger plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. As @mike27oct wrote, you can use whatever you want unless the 5 Volt 500 Milliampere are granted. I am using one of these “Multi-USB-chargers” offering up to 2 Watt on each USB connector and it works fine.

Good idea Joerg, and reason I did not mention this is because most chargers people have for cars only put out 500milliamps; not enough juice to charge a MPW. I chose the battery option (although the OP wasn’t too forthcoming of exactly who would be using the MPW) and I figured kids in back seats watching movies on tablets. The battery has two outputs, and besides, the battery has a lot other uses in and out of car.

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Hi @mike27oct

I’m using an Anker powerbank too, they are really great quality and endurance. The MPW has a built-in battery with 3050 Milliampere, your recommended Anker with 16,000 Milliampere could charge the MPW several times without being recharged itself…

Joerg, thanks for the “inside” info about the MPW battery.

I know the E5 battery I recommended has a lot of mAh, and I intended to recommend the E4 battery I have. But, when the two models now cost the same, why not get the E5. Also, if the MPW will need charging so likely will a couple if iPads showing movies in the backseat, so the E5 can do the job for all gadgets, and has two charging ports.

Interesting, that before I bought my first Anker battery, I read reviews at Amazon, where one precise person had actually measured and computed how many mAh are needed to charge a completely discharged iPad, and came up with 14-16,000 mAh. At that time, the Anker battery that could do this was much more expensive, and so I bought the 13,000 mAh E4 battery, figuring it could do the job well enough, and it does.

Since my iPad need charging now (has 5% charge) I will charge it with the fully-charged Anker E4 battery and see if it can get iPad to 100% charge. Wish me luck!

I hope the OP who posted this question comes back and gets his answer!

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Update on charging my iPad with the Anker E4 13000mAh battery bank:
It was 100% charged around 9 hours after I began charging. The battery is more of a trickle charger than like a speedy Apple wall charger; neither iPad nor battery ever was even warm. That’s a good thing. I knew IPads have a hungry battery inside, and glad to know my E4 could fill it up from almost empty. There wasn’t much charge left in the Anker at the end, but I discharged it into the MPW battery until LEDs were off in another 10 minutes or so.

So, the E5 battery with 16000 mAh probably might have fully charged an empty MPW battery afterward as well

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