WD My cloud Home Duo, Photos

hallo again,

The timeline ended in October 2023.

How do i get the following photos (they are saved on the WD…

Anyone can help?


It doesn’t appeared that your mobile phone photos have been uploaded since Oct, 2023.

Have you

  1. Updated your Android or iOS My Cloud Home mobile app to the latest.
  2. Updated your Android or iOS system to the latest OS.
  3. Delete cache in the My Cloud Home mobile app.

If you are having difficulty writing or reading in this language, have you tried the German subforum?

I have never uploaded the photos from the mobile directly.
i only saved them on the WD.
everything is updated and the cache is deleted.

No, i don’t try the german forum. Because there is not so much traffic.

But you are right. it seemed, like no upload since Oct… But i have put new photos on the WD and the WD shows the, but not in the timeline.

thank you to your answer

Alright. I didn’t realize you have just manually copied it over.

If you have just recently copied a whole lot of photos, then the MCHDuo may be just indexing and that won’t show up in the timeline, yet.

However, if you have copied it over many times over the last months and it still does not show up, then there may be something wrong with the indexing process and you may need to restart the MCHD.

If rebooting does not fix it, consider downloading the debug_logs.tar.zip and open a ticket with WD Tech support who can tell you if there is something wrong with the hardware such as disk errors.

Thank you for the advise. I will send it to WD tech support. Good Idea.

Have a good day