WD my cloud Goodsync

go to: https://www.goodsync.com/php/gsss/main/showticket
register if you don’t already have, open a new ticket, describe your problem, pray, and maybe the support will deliver a solution.

@ hippyfox
I just have done it. I hope we will get sollution.

OK I just created an account to post what fixed the FW 2.XXXX goodsync installer issue that people are having above and goodsync fixed. You will need to know how to ssh into your device (note: the “root” login on some of these is really sshd).

To fix the WebUI login issue to <your.nas.ip>:11000 you need to go to /mnt/HD/HD_a2/etc/goodsync/. In that folder is a settings.tix file that you need to edit with vi (vi settings.tix).

Scroll down to: WebUiLocalOnly = Yes

and change it to: WebUiLocalOnly = No

Now locate: WebUiSetupMode = ""

and change it to: WebUiSetupMode = “wd” (Note: this fixes the access/setup issue you will run into if you only fixed the WebUiLocalOnly = Yes issue, so yes there are 2 issues in the goodsync installer.

You will now have to restart the goodsync server/service with the restart in “scripts”.

Once the above is done you can now go to http://<your.nas.ip>:11000 and proceed to follow the setup / install instructions.

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hi there, are you from good sync support team?
your solution sounds good, but at it seems, the installer has Benn updated and there’s no longer an issue with reaching the WEB UI.

I do not work for GoodSync, just been in tech and support/troubleshooting for over 30 years. :slight_smile:

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sounds great mate. Thanks for the effort.
Do you have any idea how to create a sync/backup job with my wd to another NAS?
I know I can do it right now with the gs explorer from my pc but thats makes no sense running my pc all the time.

If using GoodSync I’d assume one would (or might) have to have GoodSync installed to both NAS devices. There is a general how to document by Goodsync (they use Synology as an example) of backing up to an NAS.


The following use case details the steps for backing up data from a server to a NAS (this example will use Synology).

If one doesn’t want to use GoodSync to backup from NAS to NAS, one can use SSH and the Linux rsync command to backup to or from the My Cloud to another NAS. Plenty of other discussions on how to do so (and automate the process) in other discussions that can be found using the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right).

7) On the server, open GoodSync and create the job that will back up to the NAS.

this is basically not possible with goodsync running on a wd my cloud because there’s no access to the UI on a wd my cloud single bay gen 2. GS enables the possibility of the my cloud to serve as a file server and it makes is visible on the internet for the clients through the gs connect account etc. between two synology NAS devices the link you’ve posted here works flawless.

So to be clear, you cannot access the GoodSync server running on a My Cloud using: http://localhost:11000 or http://<my cloud ip address>:11000?

If this is the case may want to contact GoodSync support to see if there is a fix. It appears others are running GoodSync on the 2.x firmware.

Seems some were having issues installing the app. One user explains how they got it working.

Here I can finish the installation of the gs-server for wd my cloud. There’s no app or something similar where one has the possibility to create a backup or sync job to another nas or server.

Have you activated the Goodsync for NAS server?

For additional issues, how to setup/configure, or support with GoodSync see their Support site.

I haven’t used GoodSync on a My Cloud so really cannot help further beyond pointing to various GoodSync support articles.

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