WD My Cloud Ext2 Ultra Os5 - RAM usage


I have problem after update with OS3 to OS5. Few days server runed on max used RAM and CPU - indexing progress. All proces is done. I think before update system used lower RAM. It is currently at ~60%.
Curenttly runnings applications: Twonky i Transsmission

It is correctly working server?
On the SSH in command: top, I can see that processes consume the most:

1420m  140.0   1  0.2 restsdk-server -configPath /usr/local/modules/restsdk/etc/restsdk-server.toml -crashLog /var/log/restsdk-server-crash.log
848m   83.7   1  0.0 otaclient -configPath /usr/local/modules/otaclient/etc/otaclient.toml -crashLog /var/log/otaclient-crash.log
786m   77.5   0  0.4 nasAdmin -configPath /etc/nasAdmin.toml


The following article may help explain the memory usage in My Cloud OS 5.