WD My Book Studio II 6TB alternative power source?

Would it be possible to use an alternative power source to power the My Book Studio II 6TB?

Would it be possible to use power from the internal computer PSU, taken from a Molex 12V connector, using something like this  http://www.ebay.in/itm/200680928823#ht_2708wt_906. Minimizing the number of power adapters one has to carry around is always a good thing

What are the power specs for the My Book Studio II 6TB, maximum power, allowed noice and ripple levels and so on.

(The actual electronis work is not a problem) 



The my book needs a 12 Volts, 3.0 Amps, 36 Watts power supply. As long as you can provide that it should be ok.



Thanks for the help.

I had already found the page with the power adapters but stating only 12V 3A does not suffice if switching to a completely different power source, like a PSU. I doubt the adapter can perform better in regards to noise and ripple than a 80BRONZE certified PSU, but you never know what quirks are build in to it.

If possible forward the request to your dev/tech department, they have all the specs for the adapter on file and that is what I would appreciate having.



This is a user forum, so if you want an official reply from WD, then you would need to contact Tech Support. What I can say, however, is that the bridge boards inside WD’s external enclosures have their own onboard +5V switchmode supply, so a noisy +12V supply shouldn’t really be an issue as far as the +5V rail is concerned.