Power Supply for My Book Essential Edition 2

Hi There. I dont get an usable answer from WD Support. I need a power supply for the MyBook Essential 2. My old one shows output of 12V 2A = 24W.
There is not the same available at the WD store, only 18W or 66W.

What should I do?
Thank You!

Hi Dr.D,

As I can check the specification of the power adapter which comes with the My Book Essential Edition 2.0 is:

  • 12 volts
  • 1.5 amps
  • 18 watts
  • Type A
  • Type: NEMA 1-15
  • 5.5mm outer-diameter
  • 2.5mm inner-diameter
  • Outer Connector (-)
  • Inner Connector (+)

Hi Alex. ty for your reply.

The delivered one is 24W.
Can I use also another one which has more output? (12V 3A = 36W) Or will this damage something?

Hi Dr.D,

You can use the 24W, 36W might damage the drive due to high output.

Yes, ty again. but my 24W is broken and I got to get a new one… if the 36W is too high, maybe the 18W is too low?