WD My Book showing as "full" when it isn't?

Just bought a WD My Book 3TB external Hardrive to tf images from my fully used 1 tb laptop. Followed the installations instructions to the letter. Set up planned schedules timings and source files. Left overnight to backup on Saturday only to find the next day my laptop switched off and apparently no files backed up. So I tried the process again. In now seems only half of my images have backed up and my 3 tb external hard drive is full?! Anyone an idea as to what I’ve done wrong? It seemed such a straight forward process!? Many thanks.


Have you check the settings of the drive through windows explorer? Right click on the drive and click on properties to see what it says about the capacity.

Make sure that you don’t have two backups running at the same time.


Thank you very much for taking the time to reply - much appreciated.

I have asked for a replacement unit as there seemed to be a number of issues with the one I had.