WD My Book has deleted files showing up


This is getting really frustrating. I have movies and tv shows on the WD my book and play it on the TV. It works fine about half the time.

The other half, the files disappear. I’ll put a whole bunch of shows on it, sometimes in their own folder and sometimes just as a single item, and they just won’t be there when I plug it into the tv.

What IS there is a bunch of files I’ve deleted. They are under folders like “$RXILE9U” and similar to that. I can’t see these folders when it’s plugged into the computer.

Any help please?? I want to actually remove the files I’ve already deleted. And I’d like the stuff I’m adding to actually show up. I’m not getting what the issue with this thing is.



Run a diagnostic test on your My Book using DLG.

Also, what’s the format of your My Book?