WD my book essentials not writeable/readable in Windows after being set up on Mac

My brother recently came home to visit me and my folks, and he brought along his WD external drive.

Wanting to access his files on another computer here, we plugged it into several windows PCs without result.

Now I have a WD My Passport myself, which leads to me having WD smartware installed. I can see both my computer’s files, my passport’s files and my brother’s my book, but NOT its files…

We suspect it might’ve been formatted in a Mac file-system, could this be our issue?
Can we change it without formatting/deleting any data?

Is there application programs for Windows PCs to read/write such?

Any other ideas?

Best regards, Kens! :slight_smile:

If the drive was formatted on a Mac it will not be usable on Windows without third party software. Most of that software is pay but this one might help http://www.catacombae.org/hfsx.html   I think a paid program is MacDrive. I don’t know much about Macs.