WD My Book Essential 1.5 TB does not work!

I used my book essential on a pc to save all my data, I wana transfer everything into my macbook pro but it seems like my macbook pro doesnt recognise anything :frowning: I dont know what to do

anyone please?

I don’t know about Macs but it’s probably because the drive is formatted for Windows NTFS. The Mac should read it but won’t be able to write to files or drive. Go to Apple’s site and find the app NTFS-3G and install on the Mac and see if that works.


Here’s the link for NTFS 3G


I’m having the same problem but I had formatted the hard drive in exFAT already.  I had researched about FAT32 but my hard drive is 750MB so it’s too large, so the new thing is exFAT and supposedly Mac and Windows are both able to read/write on both.  But I’m still having problems, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know…Samantha

The problem with ExFAT is it’s pretty new very few people have experience with it. If you are just using between yourown computers NTFS format and NTFS-3G utility on Mac may be the best. What OS do you have for Windows? I think for XP you need SP3 installed.