Formatting My Book Essental (3TB) to Fat32 on Mac


I recently got a My Book Essential hard drive, I got it primarily to transfer my files from my old Macbook (ancient, 10.4.11) to my new Windows laptop (running Windows 7). I know that I have to format it to Fat32 and I know that I have to do that from my Mac, but the Disk Utility won’t let me. In Disk Utility, I can click on First Aid and Erase, but when I click on Partition (as I am told to do from this link), I get a message saying that Disk Utility has lost its connection and it exits. In desperation, I erased everything (it was a new hard drive, and I already moved all of the manuals and such onto my computer) but that didn’t help. I used the Verify and Repair function but that didn’t do anything either. I assume that when I erased everything from the Disk Utility, that formatted it to a Mac friendly format because I can access it from my Mac, but not from my Windows laptop.

I am at my wit’s end! Any advice?

If you have it formatted for a Mac maybe this will allow access from Windows