WD My Book Duo RAID1 configuration via Drive Utilities not working

Dear all,

I have a new 12TB My Book Duo and I wanted to configure it to RAID 1.
The WD Drive Utilities takes about 30 seconds to detect the drive at all and frequently freezes for ~30-60 seconds if you click any option in the program.

After a PC reboot I managed to navigate to the RAID configuration and start the conversion process to RAID 1.

This has been going for 3 hours and the progress bar moves for about 10 seconds then freezes for 30-60 seconds. The whole windows become unresponsive during this time. It says the device is being configured.

The drive is detectable and also works when moving data to and from it via explorer. Device manager also confirms this. Therefore I think it might be an issue with Drive Utilities program.

Unfortunatley I can’t stop the program as there is a warning that stopping the process could damage the drive.

If anyone has experienced this before and has a solution I’d be very thankful for the input.

Kind regards

Update: The LED on the front is just solid white. So far it has been 5 hours and no change. According to the manual:

Solid Light - no blinking - White - Device is On and Ready
“Heartbeat” rhythm - White - RAID Rebuilding

So shouldn’t it be the hearbeat rythm if I’m changing from RAID 0 (default) to RAID 1?