WD My Book 4TB powers on as soon as laptop turns off

The scenario occurs two ways.

  • Drive is turned off after being idle, and then the computer sleeps - immediately the drive will turn on.
  • Drive is on and computer is turned off - the drive will turn off and immediately back on again.

The drive should be off when the computer is off. This has been happening for a couple of days now and I haven’t changed any settings recently.

Is there a file that records this behavior? How do I fix this? Thanks in advance.

Have you put it in a different USB socket lately? Some USB sockets are always on, even if computer is off so cell phones, etc can be charged.

You’re right. I thought this didn’t apply because the device needs an outlet for power supply.

Thank you!

Great. Please check this thread as solved. Only the original poster can do this. Thanks!


I have a different scenario that needs attention. I am looking into a WD device for my iPad Pro 10.5. The unique part is that I have to be able to EXPORT videos and photos directly from the iPad to a mobile device with SD or USB capabilities. Reason? I am contractor for high security position, and have to be able to migrate/export all visual media from the iPad to mobile device and give to the people in the facility.
So, I cannot use a “third party” device (e.g., a laptop, etc). Will your devices allow me to export videos/photos directly to the WD unit with SD/USB capability?

Welcome to the WD USER forums where users (not WD employees) help one another. Here are some tips for you about any forum. Do not ask about a new topic in an unrelated forum. Create a new topic.

You need to copy and paste your questions into a new topic. Most all existing topics relate to issues with specific devices. Yours does not, I suggest you post yours in a more general forum such as one here named Off Topic Discussions. I say this because I understand you root question to be, “How do I export video created on iPad Pro for other devices to use?”

This question is better suited for the user forum at Apple! Here is a sample example at Apple forum.

As for what to store and distribute the media file on, I suggest a WD NAS (i.e. Network Accessible Storage device.) Here is a link to what I am referring to:

You can get this in two or four disk versions of various disk capacities. It must be connected to the local network router and users can access it either locally or remotely, It can store two copies of all data files in case a disk fails.

Hope this info gets you in the right direction I think with this project you will need professional assistance. Begin with your IT department.
Good luck.