Three Power Questions…

Hello Everybody,

First Question:

Where we live we have frequent grid outages.  When  WD TV is “OFF” and power comes back the WD TV automatically comes “ON” even though it was “OFF”.  Is there a setting to make it stay “OFF” regardless???

Second Question:

Is this normal???

Third Question:

I have just been leaving the WD “ON” all the time.  Does anyone else leave their unit “ON” all the time???


No there is no such setting, so yes, it will turn ON once it got power.

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Thanks for the reply to my first question…  My third question was about having the WD remain on all the time.  

So, my thoughts are:

  1.  Most “stuff” like the WD are happy to be left on all the time… Heck, some even have a “dark-current” or “vampire-draw” to keep them alive.

  2.  If “stuff” like the WD fails it generally happens during it’s “Infant” burn in time period.  (30~45 days)

  3.  It doesn’t consume much power and I’ll off-set not being “green” by re-cycling my beer cans.

  4.  It is not “that” expensive and can be replaced…

  5.  And it is always ready to play if it is “on”…

Even my wife didn’t argue with the above logic…

People have been complaining about weird network connection issues when waking up the device from standby. I always disconnect mine from power after watching and haven’t experienced any of these issues so far.

Mine seems to only come back on always only when a USB drive is attached.

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I never concidered that… I’ll unplug my USB and see what happens.